The history of streetwear


Streetwear is a cultural movement that has become very popular over the years. This urban clothing style is often associated with youth and street culture. It was born in the 1980s, when sportswear brands began to become popular and sportswear became a symbol of urban culture. Since then, streetwear has evolved and started to develop as a distinct culture with its own dress and artistic codes.


Streetwear has been popularized by brands like Supreme, A Bathing Ape, Palace, Off-White and more. These brands created clothing that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing, which was quickly adopted by urban culture. Streetwear clothing often has bold designs and oversized logos, as well as influences from music and sports. They are often worn with sneakers, caps and accessories like backpacks and satchels.

Streetwear also has a strong connection to hip-hop culture, with artists like Run-DMC and NWA popularizing the wearing of Adidas sneakers and sportswear. Today, artists like Kanye West and Travis Scott are known for their connection to streetwear, creating their own brands and collaborating with already established streetwear brands.


Social media has also played an important role in popularizing streetwear. Instagram in particular has become a platform for streetwear brands and urban culture influencers, with millions of people sharing photos of their latest purchases and fashion trends.

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However, with the growing popularity of streetwear, there has been criticism regarding the gentrification of urban culture. High-end brands began appropriating the style and selling it for exorbitant prices, creating barriers to entry for the inner-city youth who created streetwear culture.

Ultimately, streetwear is a complex cultural movement that has evolved over time. It has become a symbol of youth and street culture, but it has also become a commercial industry that can sometimes focus on profitability rather than the culture itself. It's important to understand the history and meaning behind streetwear to be able to fully appreciate it.

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