Trackpant: The essential streetwear trend to adopt urgently

Trackpant : L'indispensable tendance streetwear à adopter d'urgence

The 12LUNES trackpant: The essential ally for a comfortable and stylish summer

The sun is shining, summer is here, and with it comes the time to relax while staying stylish. To meet this quest for comfort and relaxation, nothing better than the 12LUNES trackpants. This iconic garment perfectly combines contemporary streetwear style and ultimate comfort for sunny days without constraints. In this article, we will present our 12LUNES trackpants in detail and show you why they are a must-have for the summer season. Hold on tight, because we promise you a dive into the heart of the streetwear trend!

The 12LUNES trackpant: Comfort made simple

Our trackpants are specially designed to offer you a feeling of unparalleled comfort. Made from 100% brushed polyester, it feels incredibly soft to the touch. Imagine yourself strolling the city streets with your feet in the sand or simply relaxing at home. With the 12LUNES trackpant, you will feel comfortable in all situations.


A casual and stylish look

The 12LUNES trackpant has a loose cut that gives a casual and trendy look. It allows you to move freely, whether for a morning run, a yoga session in the park or simply for a walk with your friends. Its pale purple shade brings a touch of originality while remaining easy to pair with any top. In addition, the “12LUNES” logo embroidered in white adds a touch of elegance and shows your belonging to a creative and visionary community.

Breathable clothing for summer

We know that summer days can be hot and sultry. That's why our trackpant is designed to be breathable and lightweight. Brushed polyester lets air circulate to keep you cool and comfortable in all circumstances. Whether you spend the day at the beach, train outside or stroll around town, your 12LUNES trackpants will be your ally to face the summer heat with peace of mind.

An easy-to-maintain garment

Summer is also the time for adventures and outings. No need to spend hours maintaining your trackpants! Our model is easy to wash and maintain, it retains its shape and color wash after wash. So you can wear it without worry during all your summer getaways. No need to choose between style and practicality anymore, the 12LUNES trackpants give you both!

track pant

Unisex and for all styles

The 12LUNES trackpant is a unisex garment that adapts to all styles and body shapes. Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you like casual or more sophisticated looks, this garment adapts to your personality and allows you to create outfits that suit you. Pair it with an oversized t-shirt for a trendy streetwear look, or with a light shirt for a chic casual style. The possibilities are endless, and the 12LUNES trackpant is here to let you express your creativity.

The 12LUNES trackpant and the streetwear spirit

The 12LUNES trackpant is fully in line with the streetwear spirit, this daring and rebellious urban culture. It embodies the freedom of expression and creativity specific to this fashion trend which transcends generations. By wearing 12LUNES trackpants, you are part of a community of young fashion enthusiasts who share the same vision of style and contemporary fashion.

Choose quality, choose 12LUNES

When it comes to your style, quality is everything. This is why the 12LUNES trackpant is the ideal choice. Carefully designed, this garment is made from premium materials to ensure exceptional durability. The finishes are impeccable, and every detail is designed to provide you with optimal comfort throughout the day. By choosing 12LUNES, you opt for excellence, because we know that your style is a priority.

The 12LUNES trackpant is much more than just a pair of pants. It is a key piece of streetwear fashion that allows you to assert your style and your rebellious spirit with elegance and relaxation. Versatile, comfortable and trendy, it is essential for your wardrobe this summer. So, don't hesitate any longer and add the 12LUNES trackpants to your streetwear clothing collection. Make a bold style statement, and show the world that you're ready to take on summer with poise and confidence.

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