The new 12L collection for this summer!

La nouvelle collection 12L pour cet été !

12Lunes presents its summer collection called “Rotation”. After several drops, we come back with pieces for this summer to offer you the best possible quality this season. At the basis of this collection, we wanted to create pieces by integrating interchangeable badges in order to change your style according to your wishes!

Our brand is developing and starting to make a place for itself in the French streetwear landscape with collections that are making more and more noise, and we are trying to go further and further, bringing you the best possible product.

Quality t-shirts

For this collection, we came back with two t-shirts with two different colors: a black t-shirt and a pale blue t-shirt. The weight is ideal for this season so as not to keep you too hot during the day and cold at night. This product is one of the best on the market today.

12L t-shirts

Caps designed to be light and durable

We also offer you two caps in black and pale blue to accompany you everywhere on your outings. Designed to be light and durable, it will accompany you wherever you travel.

12L cap

The cyclist, to be comfortable all summer long

Flagship product of 12 Lunes, we offer you a cyclist that is both light and durable to be as comfortable as possible this summer!

Shorts, a must-have

We also offer you ultra-comfortable shorts, designed with athletes to test them in extreme conditions as well as on the street, in order to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style.

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