Why choose a lesser-known streetwear brand?

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The fashion market has been constantly changing in recent years with the explosion of streetwear which affects absolutely all Western culture.

Formerly reserved for urban culture, it has now become widely democratized and has become a lifestyle in its own right and omnipresent in our lives.

Streetwear is inspired by street codes and urban culture, mixing hip-hop, rap, skate and lifestyle influences. It is characterized by comfortable, casual clothing, often inspired by sports and work uniforms, such as sweatshirts, sneakers and sweatpants.

What has contributed to the success of streetwear is its ability to adapt to current trends while remaining true to its roots. It has become a way for young people to express themselves and show their personality, and this has attracted many brands and fashion designers who wanted to be inspired by this universe.

Today, streetwear is omnipresent in fashion, and we find it both in the streets and on the catwalks of fashion shows. He has managed to appeal to an ever-widening audience, and he continues to fascinate and influence contemporary fashion.

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Why choose a lesser-known streetwear brand?

When we think of streetwear fashion, we tend to imagine the big brands that have proven themselves and are now recognized around the world. But there are also many lesser-known streetwear brands that deserve our attention just as much.

So why opt for a lesser-known streetwear brand? Quite simply because it allows you to stand out and create your own style. By wearing a lesser-known brand, you are less likely to come across someone wearing the same thing as you. You can therefore distinguish yourself from others and assert your personality thanks to your choice of clothing.

Additionally, by opting for a lesser-known streetwear brand, you are supporting the independent fashion industry and thereby encouraging innovation and creativity. Lesser-known brands are often smaller and more independent, and therefore have more freedom to experiment and come up with original and innovative designs. By purchasing from these brands, you help support the fashion ecosystem and encourage diversity and creativity in this environment.

Finally, by buying from lesser-known streetwear brands, you can often benefit from lower prices. Bigger brands often have higher profit margins and can therefore afford to offer higher prices. By buying from lesser-known brands, you can save money while making an ethical and responsible choice.

In summary, there are many benefits to opting for a lesser-known streetwear brand. This allows you to stand out, support the independent fashion industry, contribute to innovation and creativity, and save money. So why not try 12LUNES pieces? We released our winter collection very recently, with trendy cuts and the best current materials! Discover the AW22 collection


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